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Ready for Adoption - Oliver

8 year old Springer Spaniel.
This is a very sweet boy. His owner is a senior who can no longer keep up with Oli's exercise needs. Oli is an active boy. He LOVES to play fetch with a stick and will do it all day if you let him. A typical springer spaniel, he likes to go, go, go. He enjoys the water. He pulls on leash as he is typically walked on a quiet trail, off-leash.

Oli loves other dogs, but he can be a bit obsessive with them, so may do best as an only dog. He stayed over night in a home with cats and was okay with them.
Oli is very smart and trainable, he just needs someone who will be able to put in the time to give him enough exercise and leadership. He can become obsessive with things such as fetching a stick, so would benefit from being taught some relaxation/calming skills as well.

He will be neutered, up dated on shots, and micro chipped prior to adoption.

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  Ready for Adoption - Ivy Blue

Ivy Blue is looking for a new home.

She was rescued by her current owners 9 months ago.
Unfortunately, she is a typical coonhound and likes to bark. Living in the city is not working out because some grumpy neighbours have been making complaints about her barking (which really only results from her talking to those neighbours' dog...and from their kid teasing her through the fence). Anyway, the current owners are sad to admit that Ivy needs a home in the country where she can be herself without it causing issue in the neighbourhood.

Ivy currently lives with another female dog, and a cat. She likes kids, but no small kids as she could knock them over. Ivy likes the dog park. She needs work on leash. Typical hound, she will find food if it is left out, so precautions need to be made.

We would like to see her go to a home with coonhound experience, and with space to accommodate a chatty hound ;)
She will be spayed prior to adoption.

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Ready for Adoption - Summer

Summer is a super sweet girl. Breed and age are a best guess.

Summer had a rough start to life, but we are going to change that all for her. She can be timid in new situations, and will need an owner to provide her love and consistency. She can be afraid of new things (noises, animals, etc), but she does warm up when shown patience.

Summer has met other animals in the pound. She can be hesitant with other dogs, but if they are respectful, she will engage once she feels comfortable. She retreated from cats...but may show more interest when she gets comfortable. In one of her homes, she had some issues being fed with other smaller dogs (we're not sure how it arose, and who was "to blame"), so something to keep in mind. Summer would probably do best as an only dog. She startles easily at new sounds and movements. Because of this we would like for her to go to a home without children (teenagers may be okay).

Summer has been spayed, micro chipped, and updated on shots and is now ready to find her family.

Looking for a caring family to provide a stable home for her with regular exercise and leadership.

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  Comming Soon - Peppermint

4 yr old female shepherd mix. Shy girl, takes a while to warm up. Gets along with other animals.

She is a smart girl who knows most of the basic commands and walks well on a leash.  She is house and crate trained.

 Overall a very loving dog who is looking to share that love with a kind and understanding home.

Peppermint is currently being fostered and will be available for adoption by Aug 29th. 

Please email if you are interested in adopting this lovely lady. 

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Comming Soon - Brodie

Brodie is currently being fostered, stay tuned for more info as we get to know him better!  




Please email if you are interested in adopting this Brodie. 

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