Rescue 1 At A Time place dogs and cats into new forever homes that are the best fit for the animal. 

Our priority is always the long term welfare and happiness of the animal, and as such, meetings and adoptions are set up based on best fit and not on a first come first served basis. We require an approved application prior to setting up a meet, and that does include a reference from potential adopter’s current veterinarian (or a future veterinarian that you have contacted, if this will be your first pet).
      Adoption fee for puppies or dogs is $500.00

Adoption fee for kittens or cats is $200.00
Before going to a new forever home each animal is:
Updated on age appropriate vaccinations
Spayed or neutered



  Adoption Process:

Step 1 – Click on one of the links below to download and fill out our simple, one page, application.

      Microsoft Word      
Step 2 - Send the completed application to:

Step 3 – Veterinarian and landlord (if applicable) reference check.

Step 4 – Phone/in person interview with one of the volunteers.

Step 5 - In person meets – either in home or at foster's home, or another location. If you have other pets in the home this will be a time that they will meet their new potential brother/sister.

Step 6 – If approved to adopt you will pick up the animal and paperwork. Please note, we do not do same day adoptions. We want families to go home and think it over as this is a VERY important decision.

Step 7 – Enjoy time with your new family member! 

If you are adopting a puppy or kitten that is not old enough to be spayed/neutered:

Contact the Barrie SPCA spay/neuter clinic at 1-705-734-9882. We will refund the surgery fee.
 Or Use your own veterinarian and receive a $50.00 refund.

Please note that you must provide a receipt of spay/neuter and this must be done before your pet is 15 months old in order to be eligible for a refund from Rescue 1 At A Time.

Discount adoptions fees may apply on a senior or special needs pet. This will be noted on the individual pet’s profile.

We know you are excited to bring your new
dog into your home.

By following the suggestions in our guide, we can ensure you and your dog have the best possible transition to a new family.

Please read our guide on bringing home your new dog.


Bringing Home Your New Dog